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Build: 2020120901

2020/12/17 Created.

BestCommunications, Inc. has released an updated version of smaconne (build: 2020120901) with additional/improved features on December 17, 2020.
The update includes the following contents. For details, please refer to the "smaconne User Manual".

  • Supports the availability as a Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
Users can be installed on iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Windows PC and Mac and used like an app.
The caching feature will be available, so the page display speed will be faster and the users will be stress-free.
  • Put [Back] button and [Reload] button on all pages
The [Close] button is displayed in the top left corner of the page with the PC and iPad web browsers, when the [Open the page of view and target document in other tab (other window)] checkbox is turned ON.
  • Changed the text color of calendar entries
Changed the color of calendar entries in the Calendar View Page to use the same dark color as specified in the tabs.
  • Corresponded to the view column icons
If you use the column icon, specify it in the View Configuration Document and save it again.
Changed to display a new line if a column has multiple values.
  • Downsized the output codes
Optimized the output codes, mainly on view page and cross-search results page.
Renewed the set of smaconne icons and reduced the file size.
Cleaned up the JavaScript that are called on each page.
  • Changed the escape specifications of the display codes
Changed to escape only JavaScript in the columns of view page and document page with read mode, and to display HTML tags as is.
  • Added features to the "smaconne Access Log" app
Added the date and time to the history of the App List Page.
Added "By Device" view and "By Browser" view.
Changed application properties to be the same as "smaconne User Settings" app.
  • Improved the saving sequence of configuration documents
When saving the Notes App Configuration Document and View Configuration Document, the Basic Info of each configuration document and JavaScript for URL conversion have been updated as needed.
  • Upgraded CKEditor
Upgraded from 4.14.1 to 4.15.1.
Included security vulnerability fixes.
  • The following issues have been fixed
  • If the checkbox has only one selection, an alias appears in the selections.
  • Selecting a checkbox and saving it, a blank is stored in the first of the array of field values.
  • In the view page, the text size of the response document is not displayed as set.
  • In a Notes app document that is set to https, the embedded image protocol is set to http.
  • The value specified for “Number of lines in text area” does not move when row is moved with [Move To] in the Form Configuration Document.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.
We look forward to your continued patronage of smaconne.

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