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Build: 2020061201

2020/6/25 Created.

BestCommunications, Inc. has released an updated version of smaconne (build: 2020061201) with additional/improved features on June 25, 2020.
The update includes the following contents. For details, please refer to the "smaconne User Manual".
  • Unread can be changed to red text on the View Page
You can now change the [Red text for unread] checkbox in the "Setting of Displaying the View Page" of "Basic Configuration" by turning it on.
  • Can be changed to show the last scrolling state when returning to the View Page
It is now possible to change the [Do not refresh automatically] checkbox in the "Setting of Displaying the View Page" of "Basic Configuration" by turning it on.
  • Changed so that you don't have to re-set the text size, etc. every time you start with a secure browser, etc.
Every time you exit or log out of a secure browser or other product, the font size you set will be deleted. However, you no longer have to re-set the font size when you re-launch the secure browser.
You can also transfer smaconne's font sizes to various devices such as iPhone and iPad, Android devices and PCs web browsers.
  • Support for the "SameSite" attribute of cookies
It will continue to be available in newer versions of Chrome, Firefox, etc., which will be released in the future to protect against CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgeries).
  • Support for Domino V11
In this release and subsequent builds, Domino V11 will be a supported platform for smaconne.
  • De-focus the input field
The outline of the focus is no longer displayed when tapping an input field such as a search keyword on the iPhone or iPad.
  • Upgraded CKEditor
Upgraded from 4.13.1 to 4.14.0 to address security vulnerabilities.
  • The following issues have been fixed.
  • Redirects a Notes app that is set to "Displayed Single Category" in the default view to a page with the same content when opened from the App List Page.
  • When the Operation Pane is displayed on the left side of the page, the Notes app name part of the page scrolls with it.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.
We look forward to your continued patronage of smaconne.

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