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Features of smaconne

No Additional Servers Required

All you need to do is create a one smaconne app from the template on your current Domino server.

Works with Domino 6

If you are using Domino server version 6 or higher, you will not need to upgrade your server.
Of course, we have already confirmed that it works with HCL Domino V12, so you can use it with confidence.

Easy and Fast to Install and Configure

Just create the smaconne app from the template.

No App Needed for the Device

You don't have to install an app on your device to use smaconne.

No Customization Required

Just create an App Configuration document for each Notes app.

Integration with Agents and Web Apps Is Possible

You can integrate with the current Notes app's agent, so you can approve or reject the request of workflow.
It can also be used in various ways in conjunction with web apps.

And Offering Extra Features

  • You can create mobile apps from Excel files in a single step.
  • Available with secure browsers such as CACHATTO SecureBrowser and moconavi
  • You can use smaconne as a Progressive Web Apps (PWA) for even faster page display speed!
  • You can select the text size and zoom in and out of the page.
  • Dark mode (dark theme) support
  • Search all approved Notes apps at once with score bar. (Cross-search)
  • Lists unread documents for each followed Notes app.
  • Memo-able & shareable & taggable bookmark function
  • Seamless integration of your access history and user settings on any device and any web browser, so you can continue working smoothly.
  • Easier workflow email.
  • Location information can be acquired and set with 1 tap.
  • Scroll to the top and bottom of the page with 1 tap.
  • You can copy and paste images into the rich text field.
  • Overlap multiple calendars in any calendar view.
  • Sort the columns in the category.
  • Save all attachments at once
  • Save view as XML file
  • Save document as XML file with all attachments and embedded images
  • The "smaconne Access Log" app makes it easy to analyze the usage of the Notes apps.
  • An interface that is well-received for being easy to view, easy to use, and easy to understand.
  • Operable with keyboard only

and so on

To learn more about the various uses of smaconne, see the following PDF file.


Screen Images (2021/06/24)
You can see the sample images of smaconne on an iPhone and iPad (portrait mode/landscape mode).
Also, you can see the images of the 'App Configuration' for configuring smaconne.    more...


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