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Fee Structure

2013/9/9 Created.
2020/8/25 Updated.

In order to use smaconne, "Initial License" and "Continuous License" for each Domino server on which smaconne is installed are required.

  • Initial License
    • A license to use smaconne for one year from the start date (anniversary date) of use.
    • Activation code is issued for every 10 App Configuration documents.
      • Min. Introduced Unit: 10 App Configuration documents (US$6,000 per year)
  • (From the next year) Continuous License
    • A license to use smaconne for one consecutive year after the next.
    • Please renew the license by the expiration date (one year after your anniversary date).*1
    • Update the activation code on every anniversary date.

"Initial License" and "Continuous License" include the following costs.

  • Version upgrades and software*2 are available
  • Access to support services by email (9:30 am to 5:30 pm JST on our business days, excluding telephone and local correspondence)
  • License to use this product

Volume discounts are available for 50+ App Configuration documents. We can give you a detailed estimate on a case-by-case basis, so please contact us.

*1: After the expiration date, the license agreement will be terminated and services such as version upgrades and support will not be available. Also, if you wish to use smaconne again after the expiration date, the "Initial License" will be applied.

*2: Additions/modifications to smaconne will be made based on customer requests. Individual customization is not provided.

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