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smaconne Development Kit

2017/6/20 Created.
2020/6/3 Updated.

"smaconne Development Kit" is used to modify existing Notes apps by in response to the following requests:

  • "I want some sample codes"
  • "Can I configure smaconne by copying and pasting?"
  • "I'd like to get a lecture" , etc.

"smaconne Development Kit" consists of the following.

  • "smaconne Sample" app (ntf)
    • All you have to do is set it up in your Domino server, it will work.
    • It is the Notes app of public source code with the following features.
      • Select a name from the Domino Directory
      • Add a comment in inputbox
      • Document link in the email body, etc.
    • The above features are provided with smaconne's design elements.
      • Forms
      • Agents
      • Script Librarys
      • Views and Forms for Domino Directory, etc.
  • "smaconne Sample" app Manual (pdf)
    • The manual explains how the sample app is built with focusing point.
    • Table of contents
      • Overall of "smaconne Sample" App
      • Customizing for smaconne - Common
      • Customizing for smaconne - Design Elements
      • Configuring the App Configuration Documents
      • Appendix
In addition to this Development Kit, the following are also available
  • "smaconne Development Kit" - Configuration Know-How
This kit contains useful examples of settings that cannot be covered in the Frequently Asked Questions, but are useful in using smaconne.
The "Business Daily Report" app and "Customer Relationship Management" app are provided as sample applications. In addition to these two, it also provides configuration documents for using the standard Notes templates "Discussion" and "Document Library" with smaconne.

The readers of these kits are developers of Notes app who has passed following knowledges and skills.

  • Familiar with the generalities of smaconne
  • Able to read and write the LotusScript
  • Able to read and write the HTML and JavaScript

"smaconne Development Kit" is provided free of charge to the following people.

  • Customers who have purchased smaconne
  • Customers who use the smaconne free trial service
  • IT Vendors with smaconne sales opportunities

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