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System Requirements

2012/12/20 Created.
2020/12/17 Updated.

The followings are the list of items that we have confirmed that smaconne works.

Case: Using as a Web app

Smart devices (iPhone, iPad, Android device)

  • Google Android 8.0 or later (The default browser is out of scope)
  • Apple iOS 11.0 or later
  • CACHATTO SecureBrowser
  • moconavi
  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome Browser
  • Microsoft Edge

Windows PC, Mac


  • Domino version 6 or later

Secure Browsers with a Proven Track Record

We are aware of smaconne's proven track record on the following secure browsers.
Since none of these applications have been tested, please use a free trial of smaconne to make sure that you can use your Notes apps before use smaconne on real operation.

Case: Using as a Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

iPhone, iPad

  • Safari on iOS/iPadOS version 14.0 or later

Android device

  • Google Chrome version 86 or later

Windows PC, Mac

  • Google Chrome version 86 or later

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